Mayhem specialise in creating innovative merchandise and promotional items. We assist with product development and manufacturing through to the fulfilment of the end user.

Mayhem offers a variety of sourcing solutions to enhance your company image. We provide high quality promotional products from local and overseas manufacturers that add value to your brand. We present a variety of creative options, pre-production samples and our prices are one of the lowest in The Sutherland Shire as we source directly from the manufacturers and we are able to take advantage of our regional network across Sydney.

Promotional products are the only medium that engages all five senses. Customers can see, hear, touch, taste and even smell them. Promotional products are easily affordable; yet their impression is long-lasting and readily measurable. Make promotional products an integral part of your marketing mix and watch clients absorb your message. Mayhem understand what influences target audiences therefore we are able to strategically choose products that will suit your clientele and positively impact your business.

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Our Promotional Products will:

  • Drive traffic to your trade-show booth

  • Improve response rates on direct mail campaigns

  • Improve employee morale

  • Increase referrals

  • Improve return business

Our Merchandise team specialise in:


Promotional products can be used in all situations, from a corporate uniform to business gifts, or even merchandise.

Tangible and long-lasting

Promotional products have the benefit of being a long-lasting form of marketing. They are not limited to the life of a magazine or newspaper.

Impact and effectiveness can be easily measured

The success of using promotional products in your marketing campaigns is easily measured, with obvious results every time.

Higher perceived value

Promotional products have a higher perceived value, so when your clients/potential clients receive a promotional product they feel important to your company or organisation.

Boosts targeted marketing campaigns

Promotional products can boost targeted marketing campaigns, with the ability to be themed and customised to a specific campaign.

Complements other advertising methods

Promotional products work effectively when combined with other advertising media, increasing response rates and the overall effectiveness of the advertising media.

Mayhem’s Merchandise Campaigns

Our merchandise management campaigns offer you assurance that your brand will be strategically promoted through an array of customised products and effective marketing streams. Campaigns help give an instance boost to brand recognition. The variety of products and services applied to Mayhem campaigns offer piece of mind that your target audience will be reached. Remember… ‘out of sight is out of mind!’ so make sure it’s your message that’s stealing the lime light and not your competitors.

Our campaigns are constructed using energy and innovation. We’ll come up with a solution that will enhance your brand, gain long lasting impact and that will work for your budget. Don’t waste your time working out which form of advertising or which product will help enhance your brand. Give Mayhem a call and put our experience to the test – you won’t be disappointed.

Understanding Artwork and Methods

In-order to complete the decoration process we may require you to submit an artwork file to our team.

We may ask you to submit one of the below files… but don’t worry if you don’t have these as our artwork team are on hand to help.

About Merchandise methods

Decoration methods

Choosing the most effective process for decorating your new product is easy… Leave it to the Mayhem team. Using our vast experience and extensive knowledge of the processes available we’ll advise you what’s going to compliment your product and enhance your branding.

Pad Printing

Most substrates are good for pad printing such as wood, plastic, metals and paper. Different inks are available and vary depending on the product to be printed on. The ability to print on curved and unusual surfaces is the biggest advantage of pad printing.

Screen Printing

Flat, smooth, single layer surfaces are best suited to screen printing. 100% cotton fabrics, poly/cotton blends, most nylons, vinyl, calico, transfer papers, corflut and metal sheeting are all suitable. This process has the ability to produce strong vibrant spot or process prints on woven textiles, allowing relatively large images to be printed compared to alternative print processes.

Debossing, Embossing and Foil Stamping

These are time honoured ways of decorating compendiums, diaries, card, leather products, vinyl, plastic, acrylic and wood. For as long as the surface of the item remains intact debossing will never rub off or disappear. Under normal conditions, foil stamping will not scratch or rub off.

Laser engraving

Anything that produces a high contrast will produce the best engraving result. Black maglites produce a matt silver result and offer excellent contrast, highly polished chrome products engrave exceptionally well also. Some plastics can also be engraved. Laser engraving is permanent and lasts for the life of the product.


Clothing, caps, towels, bags, satchels – woven surfaces work best with this process. Nylon, polyester, cotton drills, felt and knitted fabrics are next but require slightly varied program designs to compensate for the fabrics. As well as lasting for usually the life of your product embroidery is also colourfast, will not fade and has a fantastic quality finish. Lettering under 3.55mm is generally too small to embroider.

Artwork files explained

Vector EPS Image

This image is made up of lines and curves joined together via anchor points set by mathematical calculations. These images are easy to edit without compromising quality, they also allow PMS colours to be applied – excellent for corporate branding.

JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group)

A JPEG is a compressed image file, these images are not limited to a certain amount of colour like GIF images are. Therefore this format is best for compressing photographic images. JPEG’s can be created using Photoshop or Illustrator and can be exported through InDesign and Acrobat – they cannot be sued with Quark.

GIF (Graphics Interchange Format)

These files are compressed raster images files, similar to JPEG. These files are more suitable to web design. Photoshop and Paint can be used to create these files but they cannot be created using Quark.

TIFF (Tagged Image File Format)

TIF is the leading commercial and professional image standard and can be placed into almost any application. Although they aren’t the most economical files due to the file size these files (when created properly) provide excellent print reproduction.

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